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Central Asia Experience an ancient journey along the Great Silk Road and enjoy some of earths most untouched landscapes

After years hidden behind the Soviet Iron-Curtain, this region is opening up to tourists keen to experience the authentic cultures, untouched wilderness, and exhilarating adventures on offer.

Central Asia is home to huge mountains, vast steppes, barren deserts and bustling cities which combine to provide a unique combination for the traveller to explore.

Discover the homes of ancient royalty, the scenes of epic battles, and the architecture of lost empires as you take a trip down the Silk Road.

Marvel at the pristine landscapes of the mountain passes and crystal-clear lakes as you hike, trek, climb, ski, bike, horse-ride or kayak through Central Asia.


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Ask us to create a bespoke multi-country tour of this fascinating region for you…

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Silk Road Tours

Journey through Central Asia’s most spectacular landscapes as you follow the ancient route taken between the eastern and western worlds along the Great Silk Road.

The cultural, religious and scientific exchanges that took place in this region have left an abundance of fascinating sites for you to discover. From the residences of ancient royalty, to beautiful old mosques, to fascinating oasis-cities far from modern civilisation, a journey along the Silk Road is sure to be unforgettable.

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The unspoilt mountainous region of Central Asia is an adventure-seekers playground.

Hiking along crystal clear lakes, trekking through pristine gorges and mountaineering at various altitudes are all experiences that can be tailored to your level of expertise and fitness. There are various rafting, jeep tours, cycling tours and horse riding excursions available for those looking for activity based holidays to this gorgeous part of the world.

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Central Asia has various geographic and climate zones, resulting in a great diversity of flora and fauna.

Here you have the opportunity to observe unique birds, animals and plants including threatened species such as snow leopards, Siberian ibex, Bukhara urial, and numerous birds, fishes, reptiles and amphibians. We offer specific nature-focused itineraries to Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan based on your interests.

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Winter Wonderland

The mountainous terrain, relatively cold and snowy winter and the magical views all around provide perfect conditions for all kinds of winter activities.

Snowboarding, snowmobiling, freeriding, cross country skiing, heli-skiing and ski-base track skiing are all exciting adventures available in any of our Central Asian countries. There are the mountain ranges and valleys with numerous summits over 4500 m., a perfect snowpack up to 2.5 m deep, and spectacular scenery to explore.

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Nomad Life

Deep in the mountains, far away from modern civilisation, build your own Yurt village together with locals and learn nomadic traditions and customs directly from them.

The locals will teach you how to ride horses, herd animals, prepare dinner, and how to celebrate friendship like a nomad. Gain a wonderfully authentic appreciation of this traditional way of life, and immerse yourself in a truly cultural experience.

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Altitude Trekking

Central Asian trekking is a great option for active travellers eager to discover and explore an interesting and rarely visited land.

It is difficult to match the combination of beautiful mountainous terrain and rich cultural heritage of the Central Asian nations. With numerous mountain ranges with peaks above 7000masl, from the Pamir (or “Roof of the World”) to the Tian Shan range, choose from a range of different trekking tours or allow us to create a new tour just for you!

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