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South America The size and diversity of this continent offers exciting, unique and breath-taking holidays to suit everyone

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Nature & Culture

The brute force and natural beauty of Iguazu Falls and the rugged majesty of Torres del Paine, contrast with the man-made wonders of Peru’s Machu Picchu or Rio’s slightly more contemporary Christ the Redeemer


Whether you’re investigating the butterflies and humming-birds of Ecuador’s cloud-forests, counting the different species of penguin you’ve spotted in Argentina, or howling with the monkeys in The Amazon rain-forest, there is always more to explore.

Past & Present

Discover ancient civilisations (and dinosaur footprints!) in Bolivia or take a flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines. Get up close and personal with the locals at a Buenos Aires Tango class, or salsa the night away at a Cali nightclub – you are sure to find a dance partner here!

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Ask us about multi-centre holidays, specific destinations or simply our favourite animal encounter in Patagonia…

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Come and join the worlds biggest party!

Dust off your most flamboyant outfit, grab your dancing shoes, and let the Samba beats and festival atmosphere sweep you along the parade to end all parades.

The procession might end at the Sambodromo, but the party continues on Copacabana beach.

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Cruise the Galapagos Islands

Nature lovers, scuba divers, marine enthusiasts, history buffs and luxury aficionados will all appreciate a cruise around the magnificent Galapagos Islands.

Home to one of the worlds most unique eco-systems, the birthplace of the theory of evolution is still as wonderful an area to explore now as it was when Darwin was collecting samples in 1835.

machu-picchu-1569324_1280-e1565702220893 South America

Machu Picchu

Perched high up in the mountains and surrounded by lush green jungle, your first glimpse of the ancient ruins of Macchu Picchu will take your breath away.

Whether you journey through the land of the mystical Inca civilisation on an inspiring 3-day hike, or on a leisurely ride on the beautiful and luxurious observatory train, this is a destination you will never forget.

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Explore Patagonia

The landscape of Patagonia is extreme – it hosts the largest ice field in the world and the impressive Perito Moreno Glacier along with the vast empty steppe which appears to stretch beyond the horizon.

It’s ragged coastline also sees visits from migrating whales, dolphins, penguins and playful seals. Explore at your own pace on foot, horse back or hire car, or join at organised tour.

caribbean-cartagenga-2695088_1280-e1565702428481 South America

Caribbean and Colonial Colombia

With diverse landscapes ranging from the beautiful Caribbean coastline to the misty coffee-growing mountains, and a number of fascinating cities, Colombia is a stunningly vibrant holiday destination.

Visit beautiful colonial Cartagena, relax on the gorgeous beaches of English-speaking Providencia island, adventure your way through the caves and canyons around San Gil, Salsa the night away in Cali, or explore the museums of Bogota.

mendoza-wines South America

Take a tour of Mendoza’s vineyards

The climate and geography of the Mendoza region allow it to grow a diverse collection of grapes, from the reds Malbec & Merlot, to the whites Chardonnay & Torrontes.

You can explore the valley vineyards by bicycle on a lovely scenic tour, or if you wish to sample the more exclusive and higher altitude grapes we recommend a chauffeur driven excursion.

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