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South East Asia From idyllic beaches to magnificent temples, and solitary wilderness to thriving multi-cultural cities, whatever you’re looking for is here

This region is gaining a growing reputation as a luxury and sophisticated destination for all types of holiday-maker.

Southeast Asia is one of the few regions in the world that appeals to travellers at both ends of the budget scale.

And while these countries often attract a backpacker crowd, they also serve equally well those looking for all out luxury.

No longer the preserve of gap-year students and long-term travellers (although it’s still great for them!), the cultural authenticity, excellent shopping, reliable weather and enthusiastic locals, combined with the growing trend toward luxury accommodation and fine fusion dining have opened up this fascinating corner of Asia to all.

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Bali is a really really great place for a surf trip. It has so many great waves, great weather and warm water temperatures.

The surf is great around the Bukit Peninsular, Kuta is the main gateway to many of these breaks and has plenty of accommodation. Kuta Beach is a popular beach for tourists and surfers alike and the list of top surf spots nearby reads like a surfers dream list (Dreamland, Uluwatu and Padang Padang for example). Bali picks up the swells from the Southern Ocean and from April to November will see consistent surf of up to 3.5m. The rest of the rear still receives surf up to 2m and it’s board-shorts weather all year round so don’t forget your sunscreen.

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Beach & City

Combine a beach holiday with one of South East Asia’s exciting cities, such as fun-filled Bangkok, the global melting pot of Singapore or the high-rise hub of Hong Kong.

With its breadth of activities and must-see destinations, a multi-centre holiday is the perfect way to enjoy the region. From the stunning beaches, epic scenery and party lifestyle of the iconic coastlines, to the pulsating urban excitement of places like Kuala Lumpur, South East Asia offers something enticing for everyone. Discover this enchanting land of epic scenery and engaging cultures with an unforgettable multi-centre holiday that combines the very best locations in one incredible trip.

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Natural Borneo

The mention of Borneo conjures up images of primeval rainforest, undiscovered tribes, and rare, exotic species.

Comprised mostly of impenetrable jungle, the world’s third-largest island is shared by Indonesia, Malaysia, and the tiny, wealthy Sultanate of Brunei. Home to critically endangered rhino, elephant, leopard, and orangutan, Borneo’s wildlife is its top draw. Sanctuaries are often the best way to see wildlife, although there are numerous treks and tours available to spot the elusive animals in the wild. While you’re at it, take a trek up Sabah’s Mt Kinabalu, search for the world’s largest flower, or learn the ancient traditions of the island’s headhunter tribes.

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Koh Tao is an island is blessed with golden beaches, stunning bays, mountain views and some of the best (and most famous) scuba diving sites in the world.

The climate is tropical, and the geography of the island and numerous dive sites means even when there are windy days, divers are able to move around the island and dive a sheltered site. Koh Tao is the perfect place to learn to dive (take your PADI Open Water Course at one of the many 5* Dive Resorts & Shops) and for more advanced divers there’s an amazing variety of marine life to see, ranging from tiny macroscopic life through to giant whale sharks.

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South East Asia boasts some of the world’s finest beaches in exotic places like Thailand, Bali and Malaysia, as well as the increasingly popular shores of Vietnam and the Philippines.

Throw in an incredible variety of delectable cuisines and an array of stunning historic sights and it’s little wonder this fabulous region seduces us so easily. Some of the world’s best hotels, properties and sailing boats reside in these lands and on its iridescent waters, famed for their impeccable level of service, delectable and delicate cuisine, and for capturing in their style not only heavenly comfort but their unique, exquisite surroundings and rich culture

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Tour Vietnam

From south to north, Vietnam is a kaleidoscope of wonderful people and picturesque landscapes.

Imagine learning the mysteries of the Viet Minh in Ho Chi Minh City or exploring the beautiful lakes and boulevards of Hanoi. Experience historical temples, visit Vietnam’s spectacular coastline, enjoy delicious banquets and explore lively cities. Whether you want to get to know the locals by being their guest on a Mekong Delta homestay, or you want the luxury of a modern 5* hotel on the beach of Nah Trang, with such a turbulent history and promising future Vietnam is a fascinating country to visit.

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