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Cruise and Liveaboard Enjoy complete relaxation and luxury as the worlds most impressive destinations are brought to you

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Smaller vessels offer a specialised and intimate holiday, while the facilities and activities on offer on the larger cruise ships make them family friendly and perfect for relaxation.

Whether you want to cruise the Caribbean beaches in a giant floating resort, or spot Arctic wildlife from the deck of a Russian ice-breaker, the possibilities for your cruise holiday are endless. As experienced scuba divers we are particularly fond of liveaboard holidays, where luxury all-inclusive service combine with some of the worlds best diving.

We partner with a wide variety of operators to provide the perfect cruise for your particular requirements.

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Cruising aboard the most luxurious liners can be the perfect way to relax and unwind. For classic cruising, Cunard offers iconic trans-atlantic crossings aboard the Queen Mary II; for an exclusive experience on a large ship opt for a Haven suite on one of Norwegian’s fleet; or for a more relaxed approach to luxury go for the “elegant casual” approach of Oceania. With Star Clipper itineraries and dive live-boards available, there are numerous experiences and destinations to choose from without compromising on luxury.

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Penguins protecting their eggs on the beaches of the South Georgia Islands, Polar Bears traversing the ice floes of the Arctic, Hump Back Whales breaching along the Alaskan coast. Cruising is a fantastic way to get close to nature and spot incredible wildlife behaviours. Away from the noise and light pollution of land, natural wonders such as the Aurora Borealis come into view or the giant ice sculptures of Icebergs drift past. The shore excursions available on these nature-focused cruises give further opportunities to get up close to the wildlife, from the marine Iguanas of Galapagos to the Lemurs of Madagascar.

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Activities & Sights

In between your time spend enjoying the facilities on board your cruise ship there are many options for places to visit and activities to partake in. As well as considering the ship you want to holiday on, consider the itinerary and which destinations are included in the itinerary. In the Caribbean you will get the opportunity to visit many beaches, but go further inland to soak up the culture, nature and people of the islands. Cruising the Mediterranean or Indian Ocean gives you the chance to visit many fascinating cities and take part in numerous interesting activities. We can recommend highlights and book your shore excursions so you don’t miss out.

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We can recommend the best cruise lines and itineraries for your families requirements. Those with young children should look at Carnival for the wide range of activities and kids-clubs, Disney for the themed areas and magical atmosphere, or Royal Caribbean for the child focused facilities and entertainment. Older children may appreciate the relaxed approach aboard Norwegian Cruises, with no strict dress code and plenty of choice for entertainment and food, or the shore excursions reserved for 12-17 year olds on Carnival Cruises, or the teen-only areas available aboard Royal Caribbean. With the kids this busy, parents can really relax and enjoy their holiday!

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One of the benefits of a cruise holiday is that it allows you to visit locations not always accessible by other means. While you relax aboard your ship the glaciers of Alaska come into view, the icebergs of Antarctica are visible in the distance, or the incredible wildlife of the Amazon drifts slowly by as you wind your way up the worlds largest river. These vessels are often less “luxurious” than the larger ocean-liners, but the experiences on board are incredible and offer a great alternative for those searching for something a bit more authentic or hoping to get closer to nature.

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For scuba divers the ultimate holiday is undoubtably found on a Live-aboard experience. Smaller vessels which can float right above the best dive sites, on these cruises you eat, drink, relax and dive. All day, every day! Sail around the Cocos Islands and dive with Hammerhead Sharks, take in the incredible nature above and below the Galapagos coastlines, or spend a week exploring the Great Barrier Reef. For those looking for a less intense dive experience there are incredible cruise options that allow diving as an added excursion – from Ice-Diving in Antarctica to swimming with Sea Turtles in the Caribbean – let us plan your perfect cruise to indulge your love of diving.

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Iceland, Norwegian Fjords, Arctic Circle, Mediterranean Islands

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